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Crypchania is a open world rpg where you follow a main story line about Victor who needs to deliver a package to the Western isles. But before you can get there, there are some stories to follow, secrets to unravel and side quests to fulfill.
Langage: English  
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21-5-2019 Update There where some signs about a white screen bug from a few users right after the intro. This should be fixed now. I want to thank Shadow-Office for pointing this out to me. It seems I made a typo in one of the plugins that sometimes would let the game crash at that point. Sorry for any gamers who had difficulty playing. I also fixed the mouse pointer for...
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Agent44 (3792 Gemmes) 2019-05-14

Game maker? Are you sure? They are the rpg maker rtp

Garo (1066 Gemmes) 2019-05-12

Can you improve the description? What is the plot?

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