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Cange (871 Gemmes) 2016-10-27

Good work ! The idea of the design is good. you should only improve your pixel art

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemmes) 2016-08-15

you used too different style. elements from rpg maker... elements from pixel art game ... elements drawed... use only one style :)

A.Stark (337 Gemmes) 2016-05-29

The idea is nice... but you should improve the draws and change the UX. In several parts the game is monotounous...

Philosophia Profile (636 Gemmes) 2015-12-12

GAMEPLAY 2 Losing a troop in battle will mean losing it forever, and with it his equipment and the experience gained. It will not be a rare event. In fact, this is a bloody repression. Reconstitute decimated troops cost hard cash, you can get money killing the enemies.The gameplay is entirely based on the battle system. The battles can be very long ( the game is long 3/4 hours)

Philosophia Profile (636 Gemmes) 2015-12-12

GAMEPLAY Bloody Repression is a strategic RPG with tactical turn-based battle sytem. You can deploy up to 10 troops (not counting the general) and move them into battle against the enemy army. There are 14 different units, each with strengths and weaknesses, different characteristics, suitable for different situations. To recruit them have to spend money, food and equipment.

Philosophia Profile (636 Gemmes) 2015-12-12

Previous History - Part 4 It's fault of the pointed ears, and nifians sustained by divine will of the Prophet and the Almighty, will punish them.

Philosophia Profile (636 Gemmes) 2015-12-12

Previous History - Part 3 Your aim will be to capture Xin'haril Meiji, called the "warrior princess", elves leader, and bring her in chains in front of the emperor. It will not matter how you reach the result. Burning villages, exterminate the local population (guilty of having supported the rebels), razing cities ... all this will not matter.

Philosophia Profile (636 Gemmes) 2015-12-12

Previous History - Part 2 The discontent grows and life conditions of the poors and the middleclass get worse day by day. In this situation, the elves, who reconstituted their militar power, profited to cause a violent revolution in the aim of obtain the Independence.

Philosophia Profile (636 Gemmes) 2015-12-12

Previous History NIFIA'S EMPIRE - FOURTEENTH CENTURY The enormous increasing of the taxes required by the new emperor cause riots and rebellions in all the empire, of which the most dangerous: the ones of the slaves. The nation is heavily upset because the foundation of the empire merely weighs on their workforce.

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