Blade of Verdance Blade of Verdance
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Boruto (605 Gemmes) 2019-02-09


TyrionL (3586 Gemmes) 2018-06-05

how is going on this game? no updates, no new info. Is it still alive? when a new demo?

Michelle (1435 Gemmes) 2018-03-15

2 stars. because it's showed like an huge game, but there's just one map. sorry. I will change it with the next version

lucyinthespace (2997 Gemmes) 2018-02-10

i'm waiting for a longer version

Luis (8933 Gemmes) 2018-01-22

2 stars beause it's too good to be too short. But i want to follow it to see the next features and areas

Fry2 Profile (2851 Gemmes) 2018-01-11

No news?

RetroInsight (143 Gemmes) 2018-01-08

pretty good! continue working on this!!

BBads (1463 Gemmes) 2018-01-05

Completed but I hope to play soon a longer version

Fellowplayer Profile (23498 Gemmes) 2018-01-03

Its a simple game but I enjoy the turn base style and story. Always like a good story in a game.

TheBigShow (3148 Gemmes) 2018-01-01

Played and voted. The animations and design is good. Yes, it's very short for a good feedback. I hope to play soon a new demo with a town, a quest, a plot. Oh, and yes, happy new year!

Freank Profile (4444 Gemmes) 2017-12-21

I posted my game in the wrong day XD they are all looking this game! :P So, I love the rpg and I loved BoF IV, so I played it. Nice animations, nice battle style, good AI and good pixel art (even if it's so clear the template is from BoF). About the plot... bho. I believe to see also the artworks uploaded in the game, but no. Can you talk about the plot?

Fry2 Profile (2851 Gemmes) 2017-12-21

Add the shadow under the final boss. it's the only sprite without his shadow.

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