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Hello everyone! After few days from publishing the Backrooms, I received some suggestions and questions about the game and most of them give ideas to make the game better but some of them is about how to actually play the game!
Therefore, I will add a tutorial mission beside other changes such as spookier enemies, better sound effects (remove the edgy screams) and eye bug fixes. but for now you can have these tips:
1- You start with 3 difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, Hard and Backrooms (Very Hard) which differs in enemy spawning time, back stab time and staring time.
2- Enemies spawn in 3 ways:
A) In front of you
B) Behind you
C) They don't actually appear but you hear a sound
3- Whenever enemies spawn behind you they "Back stab" you. Meaning you have a small time (Back stab time) before they kill you.
4- You disappear enemies by looking at them. (Lazy dev)
5- Follow a continuous sound in the Backrooms; That's the exit.
6- The faster you escape, the more your score will be.
7- Connect your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch account to Game Jolt API to unlock trophies and upload your score to the leaderboard!

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