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FracasseII (35 Gemmes) 2016-07-01

A great and very addictive card game, the best i never play and i played a lot !

Carir (1867 Gemmes) 2016-06-28

Very cool ! if the ux is very old style... ^^" ! I wait also the mobile version :D

The Crazy (1198 Gemmes) 2016-06-26

Very nice game ! One of the best card game played ! But only three points : add another BGM ! Now there's a very very nice music... but ONLY ONE ! XD i'm going crazy XD. I'm level 12 but... i'm starting to play with mute XD. Add a new BGM should not be so hard... (i think...). And... point two : add more cool effects like the card game called HEX (by game forge). And last, but not list... create an app for android device :D (not so easy... i know XD )

Staff (2994 Gemmes) 2016-06-26

You have only 24 download but 12 comments. This means that one user of two are very happy of this game that comments it fastly :) Good work!

RedLine (1246 Gemmes) 2016-06-24

fantastic ! Very pro game ! i'm level 8 :D but add more cards and full decks ! for example (an idea) after i random deck battle... i can buy the deck played :D

Cynac (1071 Gemmes) 2016-06-20

wow ! it's a pro game! but there are few cards... you can add several full decks. Or hidden cards. Now there's not the surprise or the mystery...

Aircraft (587 Gemmes) 2016-06-16

very great job ! i saw that when i open the game, it says "Update".... but ... what are this updates ? What's changing ?

fats (2684 Gemmes) 2016-06-13

This game shoul have an app ! :)

Marius (4110 Gemmes) 2016-06-12

Can i earn Gold only with the Quests ?

BigHero (1621 Gemmes) 2016-06-10

Question : what's the crafting ? How it works ?

Marius (4110 Gemmes) 2016-06-10

i'm falling in love with this game ! It's like Magic The Gathering! It can be a nice idea start with several (random) decks. I see always the same cards... also the my enemies. Always the same cards D: ... but it remains a very great game ! Congratulations ! I hope to see soon news about it :)

Player56 (718 Gemmes) 2016-06-09

very very nice ! you should add more cards :D. The ability are amazing. I love that there's only three steps : put card(s), use abilities and attack. It's more easy and fast ! Very nice ! i follow here and i hope to see news and improvments !

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