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cema12 (1031 Gemmes) 2016-09-22

The last updates are very good!! Even if now my deck required more astral points... :(

CUtet92 (755 Gemmes) 2016-09-17

Why the daily quests are always the same ? D:

Castor (640 Gemmes) 2016-09-15

Nice game ! News about the canvas ?

Reim (593 Gemmes) 2016-08-22

THE PRIEST OF FIRE IS TOOOOO STRONG !! you're changing several cards... but the priest is always the same D:

lanpeiheng (35 Gemmes) 2016-08-21

this game is purely awesome. Definitely would recommend any one who like old-fashioned CCG. My ingame ID is lanpeiheng, add me and we can play togetehr.

Carir (1867 Gemmes) 2016-08-20

Great game ! I have two power decks! And now also the Guilds are enabled ! Great work ! It will be cool a new area...a tournament with the custom deck :D

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemmes) 2016-08-14

Amazing card game!The style is old...There aren't particular animations.But the strength of if is the game design and the gamification. U have the gold, the crystals, the fame. Every day you can win free cards with the random battle or with the astral points. Very good work!u should also add new cards. You can do like magic... Where there are several blocks and the cards of one block can't be used in another one...Because on the first part it's interesting.. but in the long time it can be boring

Jack (858 Gemmes) 2016-07-19

why the cards are changed ? D:

MyTrain (1121 Gemmes) 2016-07-17

is there a combo with the Unicord that is very strong :D

Malian (1106 Gemmes) 2016-07-15

i'm level 14 :D ... even if there are several cards too strong... like the priest of fire D:

mgbt1211 (35 Gemmes) 2016-07-05

excellent game. looking forward to steam version.

MyTrain (1121 Gemmes) 2016-07-02

Nice ! But add more cards...! It can be like magic !!

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