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Tactical game based on Roman board games
Langage: English   Русский   Slovenčina   Portugues  
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version 3.7 small details
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Staff Validé (Niveau 16) 2024-05-04
Hi zxretrosoft! We updated the website during your game-updating! It should be ok, but, to be sure, check if your game is correctly updated! We are working to make the website faster!

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where_is_love (Niveau 11) 2024-04-09
I was looking for amoriax on wikipedia but nothing. You said that it is a Roman board game, but I can find any source about it. Can you give me any links?
Yahoo (Niveau 12) 2024-04-09
I played the 2d version. So, if you make it playable online, you can gain more visibility
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