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wearevenom (Taso 9) 2019-08-09

good game, but it looks like a demo, not like a full game.

Hofs (Taso 1) 2019-08-05

I've been playing and following this game development for years. In terms of gameplay there isn't anything like it, 5v5 pure football. With a competitive league coming there isn't a better time to join us and learn while watching. The low comments might be weird, but this community is united and passionate about the game, most of us only found out about indieexp through TPM!

Agent44 (Taso 12) 2019-08-05

It's so easy to recognize the fake comments and subscribers. Few gems, just one game played, short comments and few fantasy

Csabee (Taso 2) 2019-08-05

The game is really good.

GaMs (Taso 1) 2019-08-05

Great game, It's very entertaining.

pogpog (Taso 1) 2019-08-05

Legendary game

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