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The Tower of Mu

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Hardcore platform/action with RPG elements and a Game Boy feeling made with RPG Maker MV.
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The game demo was made for IGMC 2018 contest! Please consider voting for us and leave a comment/feebdack!
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The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
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Myrkvidr (1496 Jalokivet) 2019-09-30

i really like this game. my only complaint is that it is very difficult to control with keyboard since the controls are used with reverse hands, as if it were designed for left handed players. WASD for movements would be a better/ other than that. it is very nice

MyMadnessWorks Profile (1363 Jalokivet) 2019-01-18

I got back on this gem every day since I began it, playing a little more than one hour at a time. Reminiscent of old times, this game can take you to places you forgot existed.

You have to play Tower of Mu, it is a challenging game that has a strong, lovely identity.

Best IndieGames (4953 Jalokivet) 2019-01-06

This game is in the video about the 5 Best Free Games of December 2018

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