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Twey (Taso 2) 2012-10-08
I cannot pick up the sword again in the desert. <br />First, I can pick it up. And when i threw it away, I could not pick it up again!
Twey (Taso 2) 2012-10-08
ERROR in <br />action number 1 <br />of Step Event <br />for object musicplayerforrest: <br /> <br />Error in code at line 1: <br /> if instancenearest(playerobj.x,playerobj.y,mobparent).mode=\"aggresive\" and !soundisplaying(battlemusic) <br /> ^ <br />at position 59: Unknown variable mode <br />
Twey (Taso 2) 2012-10-08
Too bad you did not design your own sprites...
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