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0.11.x Devlog #4 - End of Year Update
End of Year Update
Hey everyone, as promised here is a quick end of year update on the progress of Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS). I'm continuing to work on the new version of SOTS (will call it SOTS 2.0) and I'm still aiming to have an alpha build by 'the end of Q1/early Q2'. It's been over a year since my last game update, so my number 1 priority as of now is getting the alpha build out for feedback.
One of the biggest changes to come to SOTS 2.0 is switching from full procedurally generated rooms to hand crafted ones. This simple change has caused sort of a break through for the game as it makes designing elements of the game a lot more accessible and under my control. With the way the rooms are generated changing, it has updated the way I have designed the enemies and stages. The enemy encounters I feel can be planned out a lot better.
I won't get too far into the weeds of SOTS 2.0 until things are further along next year. The next news update will most likely come out in February and I should have a lot more to show and to talk about by then.
Thanks for tuning in and I want to wish YOU a happy new year!

0.11.x Devlog #3 - Forever Tomorrows
Hi everyone, thanks for checking out another news update about Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS). The alpha version of the new SOTS is still in development and I hope to show off something soon. I originally planned to have a new build by the end of the year, but I need more time to develop the new version of SOTS. As of now I'm aiming to have something playable by "the end of Q1" to "the beginning of Q2" 2021.
I'm very anxious to replace the current version of SOTS with the updated one and it's been awhile since I posted any new content. So as a cancellation for not having anything to show yet, I'll reveal something that can be listened to. Here is a track that I have planned for a cutscene: I titled this post after the title of the song as I have a constant longing to complete the game that will always come tomorrow...forever. Maybe it's not that dramatic, but I thought it was compelling enough of a title.
Anyways, that's the news I wanted to share today. I'll post another update before the end of 2020. Since the new playable version of SOTS will be available next year, I'll definitely need play testers for the alpha version. As of now, I plan on making that available through a separate branch. More details will come in future updates.

0.11.x Devlog #2 - In the throws of a new alpha
Hey everyone! I'm still developing the new version Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS). I'm working hard to replace the current version of SOTS and I think the best way to introduce it is to add a beta branch/build once a playable build is available. I'll post an update on this in a future update once I have more info.
I wanted to post an update sooner but didn't want to talk about things that are subject to change. I feel as though I'll run the risk of things changing regardless of when I reveal, so here I go:
What has or will change isn't limited to this list. All in all, I think it's going in a better direction but I'll need play testers to be the judge. That's it for now, will post another update soon.

0.11.x Devlog #1 - Starting from scratch
As I continued to work on 0.11.x update I realized that I'm building on an unstable core. As I eluded to in my previous update, the biggest challenge has been shedding what's already there. I also previously rebuilt Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS) but I just recreated the same game with "better code". This time I'm rebuilding with the intention to change things radically for the better.
As of now things are good so far. I'm planning to have a playable build for the new version of SOTS by the end of the year and I'll give more details in a future update. Also one thing to note is that the demo and full release versions may be identical with the initial release of 0.11.x.

--- PROGRESS ON 0.11.x ---
The updates have been less frequent but Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS) is still in the works! Progress is going pretty good as I continue to redesign and make changes to the game. The next update will be the biggest change yet to come to the SOTS universe, but this won't be for awhile. I'm not in a position to give a hard deadline, but I estimate the next update may be out by the end of the year at the latest. I'll try to give more frequent updates until then as the next build finalizes. So rather than continue blabbering on about an update that's not here yet, I would like to take the time to reflect on the past, current, and future state of the game. I'll do that by talking about specific areas of the SOTS.
SOTS began as a game jam game for the GameGirl Jam. The theme of the game jam was to make a game that contained a female heroine that took place in a retro world. This gave birth to Seika and Serenade of the Sirens. I originally projected six months to complete the game and I was completely and utterly wrong!
--- GAMEPLAY ---
I feel like SOTS is getting closer to where I want it to be, but I do recognize that there are some critical issues that need to be addressed before it can reach its full potential. I've highlighted below areas of the game that I'm working to improve:
- Attacks (variations), powers ups, and abilities
- Updating Stages to contain more meaningful content. Less empty space. More thematic and mechanical tie ins.
- Enemy and Boss redesigns
- Items redesigns
- Better end game/metagame mechanics and unlocks
- Visual improvements
- More content
- Bug fixes of course ;-)
This by all means isn't an exhaustive list. I've received great feedback and will incorporate them into the ecosystem of SOTS.
--- STORY ---
There are a few story points in the current version of SOTS but there's not much. What's in the current game often clashes and doesn't do justice to the lore that birthed the universe. With the next update of SOTS, I would like to introduce more of the world and lore to the player. Since more stages and content will be added to SOTS by the time it leaves early access, there will be more opportunity to reveal why Seika is in such a perilous situation and why she is battling her way through underwater caves!
Biggest Challenge & Goal
One of the main challenges I've been facing with moving SOTS forward has been shedding what's already there. I'm taking SOTS in a new direction and that requires removing things. Some of these things I've unknowingly grown attached to while developing the game. My goal for the next build is to face and overcome this challenge. Not to change things just to change them, but make things better for the game overall.
All in all, I've been focusing on the steps to bring SOTS closer to its 'out of early access' form. I'll give more fleshed out updates once they become available. Thank you for tuning in!

0.10.0 & Beyond
Hey everyone! It's been a little while since the last update. SOTS (Serenade of the Sirens) is currently undergoing major design changes. There are things that will be added, removed, and modified. I took a break from working on SOTS to come back with a fresh new perspective. I now have a new direction that I want to take the game in and this update is the first among many that will be part of this new direction.
The update includes changes to enemy health, player damage, and bug fixes. There will be more updates in the near future, stay tuned. Please be mindful that save wipes will happen occasionally before the game is moved out of early access.

0.9.4 - 0.9.5
Contains bug fixes and saves user option settings.

0.9.0 - Rebuild
Hey everyone, it's been a while! I have finally finished rewriting Serenade of the Sirens and 0.9.0 update is complete. The original scope of the 0.9.0 update was to update the layout of the procedurally generated levels and the item shops, but as I dove further into it I realized that a rewrite would be more beneficial as opposed to just refactoring.
What I didn't expect was how long the rewrite was going to take. Instead of going down the path of the rebuilding the game, time could have been spent working on new features. The trade off was having a better structured project, making some needed changes to the fundamental systems of the game, and preparing the future for more changes.
I've been striving with the last series of updates to get the core game solidified so I can expand upon it and I feel like with the latest update the core of the game is at a place I have been wanting it to be for awhile. There are still some additions and tweaks that Serenade of the Sirens need to become the game that I know it can be and they will be applied in future updates as I continue to iterate on the game.
A few points before I close out. It will be awhile before the next minor release 0.10.x version update, but I will provide patches to fix bugs and make tweaks to the 0.9.x version. Last but not least, the save file has been deleted with this new update. There is a possibility that saves will be wiped in the future while Serenade of the Sirens is still in early access, but this won't happen for awhile. I'll give a heads up before the next save wipe. Thanks for reading!

Upcoming Release of 0.9.0 & Rebuild
Hey everyone! It's been awhile since the last update. I normally give updates once I have a new version of the game out, but since the latest version has been in development for awhile now I thought I would give an update before release.
In my previous update, I explained how I would be updating the levels and item shops in 0.9.0. I thought long and hard about this and decided to rebuild the game from the ground up! This was done not only to have a better level layout that fit the vision of the game but to also be able to easily add more features in the future.
With the trajectory of the current phase of development, 0.9.0 should be out with the next 1 - 2 months. If anything changes, I'll be sure to provide an additional update in the future.
Besides changes to the levels and item shop, there will be tweaks to the graphics as well as music/sound effects. As a cancellation prize for the current iteration of development taking so long, here is an updated version of Iceberg Depth's theme:

0.8.0 - Wide Screen

Comment Image

Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS) is finally widescreen! This gives Seika much more horizontal visibility. There is also a new title screen as well as changes to the background and tile colors.
The next series of updates will focus on enemy (including bosses) and item changes. This will be contained within 0.8.x versions. Version 0.9.x will have updates to levels and the item shop. There is also other changes in the works, but I won't reveal until it's further along. If any of the plan shifts I'll provide details in future updates!

Hey everyone! Here is another update for Serenade of the Sirens. The most notable change is Seika’s main attack changing from a close ranged attack to a projectile. I believe this change aligns more with the direction that the game is heading in.
I would like to also make a note that due to upcoming updates, which includes newly added and updated enemies, levels, items, and end game powerups, there will be at least one save file wipe. I will go in more detail in a future post.

0.6.20 - Level Makeover

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Hello everyone! Pushing an update to add changes to the level backgrounds, tiles, and coin sprites. I also made changes to the amount of areas in the beginning part of the game. The next series of updates will focus on polishing and tweaking the existing elements of the game. I also have additional content mapped out for the future, stay tuned!

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