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Andrea9805 (30 Jalokivet) 2019-03-11

I tried your game at Milan Gamesweek and was very funny. The steering wheel felt surprisingly good for this kind of game.

KnightRider (693 Jalokivet) 2019-03-02

incredible details. I played the track in the grass. wow

Drifterthorn (367 Jalokivet) 2019-02-24

The beginning scene is amazing. I love the squid track.

Boruto (605 Jalokivet) 2019-02-09

nice design but the idea is classic. the classic race game. there are also few tracks. i hope to see in the features interesting new features

Multiverse (506 Jalokivet) 2019-01-04

the stages are so AMAZING and HUGE. Great work, even if the player needs a very good pc to play it without lag.

Coopa (606 Jalokivet) 2018-10-29

Amazing 3d works! Spectacular

nezir (515 Jalokivet) 2018-10-08


simo_clubhouse (31 Jalokivet) 2018-10-06

Provato oggi alla gamesweek , bè che dire un gioco di corse survival indie? IDEA GENIALE , graficamente ( nonostante sia un prototipo) vermanete ben fatta, FINALMENTE uno sterzon degno di nota -e non i classici sterzi duri come camion- ottima sensibilità e bell'immersione in gioco , GG guys

carlsen (300 Jalokivet) 2018-09-16

Why also survival? The graphics are amazing, it's an amazing race game also with few features. Great work behind

Freank Profile (3640 Jalokivet) 2018-07-23

finally in the popular game list! great!

rodriguez (363 Jalokivet) 2018-07-14

Is the first time that with an independent game my Nvidia 1080 goes 100% ... WOW !!! the game is fantastic and fun! Amazing!

Best IndieGames (3861 Jalokivet) 2018-07-08

This game is in the video about the Top 4 Best Indie Games of June 2018

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