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Racing game survival that integrates arcade components with rpg and simulation elements for emotion and a new experience, even for those who hate racing games.
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Hey everyone, We’re Tatti Games, the official studio which succeeds NAGE. If you want to read about the change in names and our plan for this project, you can read our post here: . Today, we are officially removing the NOIZ demo from indiexpo/gamejolt. Your support in the last few years was incredible, and now we’re ready to work extra hard to...
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Noiz Prototype
Noiz Prototype
Noiz Prototype
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kalindor (Taso 13) 2021-06-25
very good race game
Andrea9805 (Taso 1) 2019-03-11
I tried your game at Milan Gamesweek and was very funny.
The steering wheel felt surprisingly good for this kind of game.
KnightRider (Taso 7) 2019-03-02
incredible details. I played the track in the grass. wow
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