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You are contracted by the Tokugawa Shogunate Government to fight the last sprawling armies of the House of Toyotomi. Use your skills to swiftly rush through 40 intense missions in the pixelated forest and city rooftops, collecting scrolls, riceballs or just simply slashing fierce enemies! Use Power-Ups strategically, as well as your long range weapons!
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Ninja Scroller
Ninja Scroller
Ninja Scroller
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Fellowplayer Profile (21812 Jalokivet) 2018-01-03

Very good style of artwork in this game.

XBuster1994 Profile (618 Jalokivet) 2017-11-29

This looks like a really fun game :D I'll give it a shot.

Staff (2553 Jalokivet) 2017-11-29

Removed the Android link. It was a search page. Fix it. You can also upload it here.

Ninja Scroller
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