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Fellowplayer Profile (22872 Jalokivet) 2018-01-04

When is more going to be developed?

Magnus C (1572 Jalokivet) 2017-10-11

it's too short. How is it possible? Are you developing it yet?

Zion (3204 Jalokivet) 2017-09-05

One star. I need to see more. It's too short

mazzutakgame Profile (3689 Jalokivet) 2017-08-30

the game demo is very short, but is good start

the ugly truth (2222 Jalokivet) 2017-08-07

In popular games list?! The demo is very very short and no plot and no gameplay. Please.

RealTidus (2401 Jalokivet) 2017-06-15

holy crap. It's very short (two jumps and end), but looks very interesting! Please! Add more!!!

MagicOz (1535 Jalokivet) 2017-06-10

Played. The mechanic is good... But add more! It remembes me sakis. You can find it also here. But your pixel art is cool. This can be a masterpiece of this website!

DanGames Profile (329 Jalokivet) 2017-06-08

Nice platformer, but too short demo and I don't understand the save sistem ahah

Sekayo (2655 Jalokivet) 2017-06-04

I played it. This demo is very very short. But I like it and I want to see how it will be! Nice pixel art and animations. I have a small monitor and the window is very big. If you can, resize it in full screen mode. I like also the sounds and the music. Warning about the level design. This should be only a "tutorial level" but it's not so "clear". I suggest you to see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FpigqfcvlM

MagicOz (1535 Jalokivet) 2017-06-04

It looks interesting. I'm downloading it!

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