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idmaker (Taso 4) 2016-12-19
i enjoyed your game.
betterdead (Taso 3) 2016-12-19
nothing special. not bad, but already seen it a bunch of times
Alkatraz (Taso 8) 2016-10-28
Will you add new rooms ? D:
Jonathan Fish (Taso 16) 2016-08-14
MyTrain (Taso 8) 2016-07-03
Very nice effects !! But it top short !! Are you continuing it ?
Cynac (Taso 8) 2016-06-20
very very nice game !! Wow! it's amazing! are you doing a sequel ? with more shapeswift ... like, for example... in an eagle :D
Player56 (Taso 7) 2016-05-27
how can play it on my tablet ?
Becom77 (Taso 8) 2016-05-22
it's very very cool ! But it's too short! I like the background and the transformation! The light effects are very nice ! Did you do other games ?
Ryoku (Taso 12) 2016-04-27
Me too. I'm blocked them. Great atmosphere. An old school game very interesting.
Gatsu87 (Taso 14) 2016-04-25
i'm blocked at the Big Face. I hit everytime the spikes... it's very hard jump... and the spikes make a big damage... >.<
BigHero (Taso 10) 2016-04-25
5/5 !
Marius (Taso 14) 2016-04-25
IT IS FANTASTIC !!!!!!!! The light effect when you are hitted is amazing !!!! woooow !! I follow this game! Amazing !!
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