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Zachurrate (Taso 6) 2020-09-18

YouTube Gameplay
Loved my time with the demo so much I had to buy the game on my Switch. Very difficult but I imagine when I develop some skill for it the payoff will be worth the struggle.

YouTube Gameplay
LesGrossman (Taso 12) 2020-07-30
100% vaporware and pixel art. Great assets but very hard to play
Deneris (Taso 17) 2020-05-14
you selected language Italian, but it is also in English. #fix
vinstriano (Taso 10) 2019-06-22
Great game
TenTen92 (Taso 10) 2019-04-16
I have this also on steam. Amazing details, even if during the first game it's very hard to know how to play it. It looks like an old game for cabinet but with the restyle of the 2019. great work. 5/5
Drifterthorn (Taso 7) 2019-02-16
I loves this game it reminds me of into the hunt for the ps1. I played the demo then bought the game on steam.
YouTube Gameplay
AnthonyNkl (Taso 11) 2019-01-09
Hard to compete with your game in terms on graphics or gameplay, well done guys!
Multiverse (Taso 6) 2019-01-04
the download links are wrong. spam?
RalphW (Taso 8) 2018-12-06
WOW i played this first demo few days ago. Now I have it also on my phone and I'm playing this game everywhere!
Coopa (Taso 10) 2018-10-29
Great animations. You should improve the UX
pinellos (Taso 7) 2018-10-14
E' bello e ricorda i pomeriggi in sala giochi a giocare "a quelli degli aerei"... ho notato solo 2 cose che mi hanno dato fastidio: 1) il livello di difficoltà è settato su "OMG" e per qualcuno potrebbe essere troppo frustrante 2) la grafica è molto bella ma se fai pixel art secondo me non ha senso usare diverse risoluzioni per sfondo, frontale, dettagli, particellari etc etc.
fats (Taso 12) 2018-09-26
How did you make that amazing pixel art effects?!?!?!
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