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boyflea Profile (599 Jalokivet) 2017-06-23

A big fan of this game: the pacing, scale and setting of this dark-slice of despair are worthwhile of your time: so keen to know what happened before the game began, so many good points: the environment is so rich and interactive, the clues to the terrible past give a real eerie feel to the game and the gameplay is well paced. thanks again!

Heromerom (2903 Jalokivet) 2017-01-05

It's awesome, dude! Good game.

xX-Grove-Xx (502 Jalokivet) 2016-10-15

Looks awesome!

Zion (3204 Jalokivet) 2016-10-13

small rooms create a very nice style ! nice idea !

Staff (3735 Jalokivet) 2016-10-12

Quoted in the post about the indie horror games on the blog : http://theindiexpo.blogspot.com/2016/10/top-8-horror-indie-games.html

geod_3 (1556 Jalokivet) 2016-10-09

Wow ! I like your style!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Jalokivet) 2016-08-15

completed ! fantastic horror game made with rpg maker ! congratulations !

Paradigm Shift9 (57 Jalokivet) 2016-08-03

Love the game

Nium (1380 Jalokivet) 2016-06-25

nice horror game ! The small rooms give at the games a very nice atmosphere !

Becom77 (937 Jalokivet) 2016-05-22

very cool horror game ! i hope to see a sequel !!

TakkenTag (215 Jalokivet) 2016-04-05

Is there a sequel ?

BigHero (1621 Jalokivet) 2016-03-23

Very nice horror game ! I alredy know it ! It's very short... will you continue it ?

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