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Staff Vahvistettu (Taso 14) 2016-12-02
Short video about Archaea terata :
YouTube Gameplay
CUtet92 (Taso 7) 2016-09-17
very nice and fast ! You can add more enimies and make the stages more big level by level
Staff Vahvistettu (Taso 14) 2016-09-09
Your game is in "Ludum Dare Games" Video :
YouTube Gameplay
Cange (Taso 8) 2016-09-04
Nice work ! 4/5 because i hope to see a new version with more stages and weapons :)
Nium (Taso 9) 2016-09-03
very fast and nice. the grapichs are amazing and also the special movies. But only spiders ? so it's very good! even if i don't undestand what's RMB: Blink... ?
Feih (Taso 8) 2016-09-01
Great work ! the game design is very good !
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