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AnnieIbones, AliceMisaki

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We start following one girl, Annice, from when she wakes up in a mysterious garden and she doesn't remember where she is and why she's in this place. Everything is new and a bit creepy, and she looks the only one alive in there..or maybe not. Two angels are warning her about choices she will do in future and one man looks angry when Annice found something in his house.Why? Play
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ronnye (Taso 15) 2021-07-23
at start it looks like a classic rpg maker game (and probably you already know the reputation of this engine in a lot of communities), but playing this game you can note that it is not made just in one night, but it has a lot of details and very good dialogues. Not a real horror indie game with jump-scared and other things like this, but something new. Nice work!
eleonora89 (Taso 4) 2018-09-24
Una specie di spin-off del proclamato gioco Pocket Mirror. 2.5/5 per la poca fantasia nella trama. Purtroppo essendo una fan sfegatata di Pocket Mirror mi sento un po' presa in giro .-.
Fellowplayer (Taso 22) 2018-01-04
Cool artwork in this game.
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