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Mengasoft - Cosimo Menga

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Try to beat one of the hardest games you have ever played.
Complete each map by moving from one level to another with a simple touch, calculate the times well in order to avoid obstacles but be careful not to wait long because you only have ten seconds to perform each action.
#rage #ragegame #cat
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Neko Land
Neko Land
Neko Land
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lucyinthespace (مرحله 15) 2021-03-18
I prefer to play this kind of games on pc, but the design is very good! You are creating a series!
mazzutakgame (مرحله 15) 2021-03-15
gioco veramente carino, fatto molto bene, scaricato sul cellulare di mia moglie perchè purtroppo il mio non lo supporta, congratulazioni 5/5
ronnye (مرحله 15) 2021-03-10
It looks so tiny!
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