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Megaman Powered Up R

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Published on: 2012/11/10

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This game is based, somehow, on Megaman Powered Up game.
I was trying to make something more unique than another MVC based game.
- No block, as Megaman games
- Vertical animated and interactive lifebar
- Short invencible time, depend on each move (you will start to blink when you are invencible)
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Megaman Powered Up R
Megaman Powered Up R
Megaman Powered Up R
Megaman Powered Up R
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MyMadnessWorks تأیید شده (مرحله 12) 2012-11-19
I LOVE Megaman: downloading it right now!
OIlusionista (مرحله 4) 2012-11-11
Yes, I am the coder of the chars. The author of the sprites are credited on the readme (as all other people)
Marius (مرحله 14) 2012-11-11
It\'s very cool graphics ! <br />I\'m downloading it ! <br />Are you the author of the characters ?
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