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Well, I have no idea why I picked this name for the game, but anyways, let me present my second Ludum Dare game. This is short game about hard life of caveman. Yeah, that's it. Long story short. #LDJAM
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Long Story Short
Long Story Short
Long Story Short
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mariocassano (مرحله 19) 2020-10-27
not bad this game
Dia6lo (مرحله 4) 2016-08-30
It's a WebGL-based game. Though I can put an html with js in a zip, but it would pe pointless, as I've provided link to site that hosts this game.
Staff تأیید شده (مرحله 14) 2016-08-30
You can upload the zip here. So the users can play it online easily and fastly
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