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I created a small game with some friends over the span of 4 days!
Check it out here:

Check out the Ludum Dare entry I made with Dicul!

Indiexpo now have player profiles! Check out my other games at

Call Me Young Kaleido's second game; Call Me Old Kaleido will go live in the next few days! Stay tuned!

Game completed.__
All menus are done.__
Sci fi skin is now just a recolour of the normal skin instead of the old sci fi variant.__
Music at the menus have been exchanged for a cleaner version.__
Proper ending screen added.__
You can now exit from the map at any time.__
Bug fixing.__
Minor tweaks.

Fixed gamebreaking bug where towers refused to shoot.

The original skin has gotten a complete revamp! __
Objects such as trees, rocks and bushes have been placed around the map; it's impossible to place towers on top of these which contributes to level design! __
The radius of towers are now shown when the towers are bought! __
You can exit any map anytime by pressing ESC to return to the "select map" screen. __
"Select map" icons has gotten colour tweaks to fit with the new skin. __
Optimization tweaks! __

I've decided to redo the art in Tiki Taka. Redundant? Yes. Is it gonna look fukn amazing? Also yes. So sorry but you won't be seeing that many new updates for a while, I'll be making new art and update the old maps. If you have any ideas for what the Enemies should look like toss a comment down below and I might take that idea (:

I just published a new game on Indiexpo! It's called "Call Me Young Kaleido", make sure to check it out!

Update 15/1 2017:
Fixed bug where you couldn’t sell towers in ‘speed’ challenge.

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