The Mysterious Forest The Mysterious Forest
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MikeWade Profile (101 Gemas) 2019-03-11

Dato che il gioco della @KibouEntertainm è così bello, ho pensato di rovinarlo un pò introducendolo nel mio #SHOW!

Boruto (605 Gemas) 2019-02-09

just saw the poster on twitter. it looks like an old style anime

No Signal (452 Gemas) 2019-01-19

when a next charapter?

Gesan (329 Gemas) 2019-01-13

not so long, but very good. the maze takes the big part of the time

Multiverse (506 Gemas) 2019-01-04

I played both your game. You are a fan of the NES games, right? lol

RockMith (1072 Gemas) 2018-12-15

zelda assets? nice idea and nice rpg! I loved it so much! completed playing it all afternood long. 5/5

RalphW (469 Gemas) 2018-12-06

the maze make me crazy lol

Best IndieGames (3540 Gemas) 2018-12-02

This game is in the video about the Top 2 Best Indie Games of November 2018

Fry2 Profile (2830 Gemas) 2018-11-30

Me too! I'm waiting your new game!

Luis (8226 Gemas) 2018-11-28

Ho visto che è uscito un platform della stessa serie, quando lo carichi qui? Ci sarà anche stavolta un easter egg da trovare?

Parzival (577 Gemas) 2018-11-27

check the english download link. it's broken.

Fellowplayer Profile (19898 Gemas) 2018-11-23

That's pretty green

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