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Luis (8933 Gemas) 2018-01-21

I don't undestand why you added the first part on the earth. it has no sense

onebullet55 (1986 Gemas) 2017-03-10

is it your only game...?

Zion (3204 Gemas) 2016-12-19

No news about this game? Sequel? no sequel..? The end is so strange...

GInTheShell94 (984 Gemas) 2016-12-03

I love this futuristic stages. The last scene remembers me the tv series : black mirror. Did you know it ? XD

Greg3232 (600 Gemas) 2016-11-03

No news about a sequel of this game ?

Step (1481 Gemas) 2016-09-24

are you continuing it ?

PainGames (978 Gemas) 2016-09-18

Very cool game, I followed for more updates.

Cimpo (594 Gemas) 2016-09-18

it's very hard to make a choice... the design is not so clear...! So I wait a sequel :D

CUtet92 (755 Gemas) 2016-09-17

Very short D: Are you working for a sequel ? You should try to use a different camera. A first person game. Like in your second screenshot !

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-14

Very nice sci fi game. I don't understand the first part of the game... Is it used also to show the controls ? Why you can't do this in the hub ? O.o the animations are very nice... It will be interesting if you can change the camera. So the players can choose to play it like a first person game : ) I played it several times to understand how to select a voice during the game. I hope to see a sequel or a longest version

MyTrain (1121 Gemas) 2016-07-29

Is there a date for the new version.... ?

Jack (858 Gemas) 2016-07-19

very good work ! This can be the first part of a bigger game :D (with a sci fi theme :D )

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