Mystic Slayer Mystic Slayer Ephy
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zxretrosoft (Nivel 13) 2019-04-20
Nice style! I like this style of games!
Feih (Nivel 8) 2016-08-28
grand travail !
Ephy (Nivel 8) 2013-04-23
Merci Monos :F
Monos (Nivel 8) 2013-04-23
Un bon jeu old school comme je les aimes. <br />On aimerais en avoir plus de ce type de jeu. <br />Cela sent bon la NES/SNES.
Ephy (Nivel 8) 2012-09-04
Oh! Thanks!
Freank Verificada (Nivel 18) 2012-09-01
<a href=\'
YouTube Gameplay' target=\'_blank\'>-This game is in the IndieGames - FanVideo -</a>
Alexander0777 (Nivel 8) 2012-07-04
Nice game! Unfortunately I don\'t speak french so I don\'t understand well the dialogues, but the game is quite good and the graphics awesome!
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