My 5000 Nightmares My 5000 Nightmares
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No Signal (452 Gemas) 2019-01-19

your 5000 Nightmares need to have 5000 downloads! great game!

Popsan Angel (3527 Gemas) 2018-02-22

it's good, but there's no "hard part". it's very flat

onebullet55 (1986 Gemas) 2018-02-17

so many famous games in just one game. wow

Best IndieGames (5062 Gemas) 2018-02-10

This game is in the video about the Top 5 Best Indie Games of January 2018

Luis (8933 Gemas) 2018-01-22

Amazing game and concept! The controls feel very good too. it's the best way to celebrate creepy gameplays!

Freank Profile (4514 Gemas) 2018-01-06

oh, there's also imscared made by @MyMadnessWorks !

RobBoberty (20 Gemas) 2018-01-05

​Very cool! Great job recreating the feel of these games. And I love the idea of doing this to celebrate a milestone. Mind if I steal that idea if I ever reach another milestone? :)

I couldn't get past the I'm Scared part, I might give it another try if I can figure out what I was missing.

BBads (1463 Gemas) 2018-01-05

I don't "find" a plot. Is it normal?

Naldo (927 Gemas) 2018-01-04

are still so played the horror indie games...?

LOL Profile (802 Gemas) 2018-01-02

congratulations! my games are still too stupid to be on your channel XD

Popsan Angel (3527 Gemas) 2018-01-02

to make a game is the best way to celebrate your 5k subscribers! i'm downloading the game

Stre93 (2258 Gemas) 2018-01-02

jajajajajaja! in the video's description I saw the link to itch and gamej but no to indiexpo :P you don't love our community :P jajajaja

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