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indiexpo Addons (2414 Gemas) 2017-11-29
franco999 (906 Gemas) 2017-11-16

Your games are going very good in those days! What is your secret? :)

Sekayo (2655 Gemas) 2017-11-14

can You add a background music and animations? Now it's so quite

franco999 (906 Gemas) 2017-07-09

It's a nice combo between a candy crush Saga game and geographical challenges. But there aren't animations and the game looks very poor

Karma (4169 Gemas) 2017-03-29

I played several games made by you. This is the best. I don't know why... Perhaps candy crush and geographic challenges influenced my generation. So i want to suggest you to add animations during the "diamonds slide" and a bgm :)

the ugly truth (2197 Gemas) 2017-03-27

Another nice game signed by Pallucchini!

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