Lost InSight Lost InSight
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GraziaMG (Nivel 2) 2020-03-09
Breve, ma molto carino! Complimenti per la storia
Kaen999 (Nivel 19) 2019-09-16
This game is a great example about interesting plot doesn't need battles. Now i need to play more to find the other endings.
reykokuna (Nivel 3) 2019-09-15
Ho giocato la versione sul browser, vi è alcuna differenza con quella da installare? Dopo aver fatto la scelta (ho voluto sperimentare le 3 prima non accettare la spada, poi accettarla e infine accettarla in un primo momento e rifiutarla dopo, in sostanza ci sono due finali) il gioco termina, quindi è un mini game a quanto ho capito, style una novel story, complimenti.
TheBeast (Nivel 10) 2019-07-10
this is an rpg game made very well with the rtp! Congratulations!
GreenGolia (Nivel 8) 2019-07-02
interesting plot. I played the first minutes online. it's nice how you made great maps using the rpg maker assets. good work! good game!
Gatsu87 (Nivel 14) 2019-06-29
Completed. it's good and with multiple endings. I will play it again. But there are few details not so good. This can be a 5, but now is a 4
CapZero88 (Nivel 12) 2019-06-25
Coopa (Nivel 8) 2019-06-25
several endings! I like them! Nice game!
KingJhon (Nivel 13) 2019-06-25
It looks very interesting. How long?
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