Looking for Dread

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Point-and-click adventure game set in the Dread Mac Farlane universe.Help Marie, the descendant of the pirate Dread Mac Farlane, to track down her ancestor to take her back to Neverland and help her put an end to the bloody war between Peter Pan and Captain Hook...
Graphics created with Plotagon. Scripted with Adventure Game Studio.
Size: 247 MB
Creator: Marion Poinsot
Lenguaje: English  
Nuevos: 2
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Looking for Dread
Looking for Dread
Looking for Dread
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WolfCorp (Nivel 6) 2018-07-27
Wow! I really like the retro-looking graphics. I'm looking forward to play the game.
Fellowplayer (Nivel 23) 2018-04-16
Looks nice.
Marion Verificada (Nivel 11) 2018-04-08
This is the english version of the game "A la Recherche de Dread Mac Farlane" : dread-mac-farlane-2
English translation by Paolo
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