Liborio the Shapemancer Liborio the Shapemancer Mighty Toast
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hitman47_mn (Nivel 4) 2020-01-05
A really fun game
Geko (Nivel 6) 2016-09-07
Ho provato questo gioco ed ho fatto un gameplay sul mio canale youtube, vi lascio il link se vi può interessare :)
YouTube Gameplay
Jonathan Fish (Nivel 16) 2016-08-14
Completed!! But you should improve the moving of the chara
The Crazy (Nivel 8) 2016-06-09
nice ! but improve the moviments and add more features if you want to continue it. it's strange to say that this game is complete...
Becom77 (Nivel 8) 2016-05-28
Only two levels ?
PlazaMista (Nivel 8) 2016-05-28
it's too difficult move the character. The maps are isometric but the moviment are horizontal and vertical... change it ! >.<
Marius (Nivel 14) 2016-04-25
is there a gameplay video ?
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