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Staff (3292 Gemas) 2017-12-21

We added PICO-8 to the Engines List and edited your game page changing from Other to PICO-8. So the devs and you can find and discover other games made with it! :)

Magnus C (1552 Gemas) 2017-10-11

I hope to play also other games made by you soon!

RealTidus (2193 Gemas) 2017-09-10

Cute and nice! When will you publish your new game?

the ugly truth (2197 Gemas) 2017-08-07

Nice, even if it's very short! no new games like this made by you?

ScemEnzo Profile (532 Gemas) 2017-07-17

That-s so cool you did this game in Pico/8 and managed to implement the Indiepad feature. How did you do that? Anyway the title is very good. the atmosphere and mechanisms are perfect

franco999 (3928 Gemas) 2017-07-09

You are in popular games list! Nice work!

Fry2 Profile (2850 Gemas) 2017-06-27

very short but funny!!

Sekayo (2397 Gemas) 2017-06-13

oh, very nice game! 8bit style, right? Are you making also other games for indiepad?

franco999 (3928 Gemas) 2017-05-23

Completed! Short and nice! Did you make also other games?

Zion (3144 Gemas) 2017-05-22

5/5! It's nice and funny! I'm playing it with the indiepad. I like the very basic pixel art used. Even if it looks very short...

shawyadventures Profile (556 Gemas) 2017-05-21

Looks nice!

Amir (3859 Gemas) 2017-05-20

Great game!!

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