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So I am a little bit late on this weeks update, but I feel like I got an immense amount of things complete so it was worth the wait. Within the last week I've managed to complete about 10 maps and tons of events, BASICALLY the first dungeon in Ignarus. This update will "somewhat" show the atmosphere and functionality of the game. The entirety of the game is approx 2 hours long now, which is some good progress!

More will be added and the maps WILL be adjusted eventually, but for now they are fine for trials. Here is a few things that have been added and changed. Magics - You now learn magic from Spell books scattered through out the land, some magic will be acquired doing "quests."... 10+ maps complete with the newly acquired parallax look to them.... Travelers Ring Accessory - with this newly acquired accessory, the player can perform a backwards step to dodge incoming attacks! Miniboss and first boss are located at this demos portion, NOT at the beginning anymore. I need some constructive feedback about this newly implemented "Forest dungeon". So I will be uploading a demo of this area for players to free roam and complete either Nov 11th, or 12th.


G'day people of Indiexpo! Ignarus has been Greenlit by the community! Thanks to those all so much for having faith in the game in its current stages!

I will be releasing a new demo by the end of next week with new content to be seen and a better understanding of what the game is going to be in the long term, as the world is going to be slightly more open than what the previous demo has to offer.

Kick Starter wasn't a success like I was hoping for it to be but that is 100% okay, I will be opening up another funding source for those who would like to contribute and receive rewards.

The rewards will basically be the same as they were on Kickstarter. -Digital download - Desktop backgrounds - Video footage updates - Strategy guide - Thank you letters. - Game soundtrack - Extra download keys for friends - Posters - Monster/NPC/Boss design assistance.

I will give the crowdfunding source information as soon as possible, for now it is unavailable.

Current updates - - Story progression. - New accessory functions (Evasive skills, sprinting, etc.) - Updated and newly created maps - Tons of new dialogue. - 3 new characters are in the making. - 1 new atmospheric song created. another in the works. - Map skills slightly improved. :P - New sprint animation is here!

Be on the lookout next week for the new demo that will reveal some of the world map that is to be explored.


Hello again my friendly neighborhood Indie Gamers! Today I've got some awesome news! As of today, the Kick Starter Campaign for Ignarus officially begins! Those who are interested in obtaining some of the perks available are now able to do so! These rewards can be things such as: Digital download of game upon completion, Full Soundtrack, Posters, Designing an enemy or an NPC, and more! Check out the kickstarter for more details here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sacredlands/ignarus?ref=user_menu Also a new version of the demo is on its way out soon. Be prepared to finally behold a new UI! it's finally here, as well as a new menu set up! Hurraah!!! I hope to hear back from you guys as your feedback is important to me! ~Kudaaj


Hey there everybody! Long time no see, that doesn't mean any progress has been made though! I've finally managed to get a website up and launched which is great, I will be able to post my most recent updates and content for the future there and it will be easily accessible. mechanic fixes with movement, and skill use tweaked. Changed the HUD, it is still a work in progress but hey, It's coming along. :) Re-added "leveling up" to the game, in some occasions, just a few level ups can be your savior for that difficult boss fight. Sprites have been input in to the game which I've received from my awesome artist. (Jarrens mother Pushing, Jumping, New monsters etc.) mapper has also competed the first parallax map for the game. With more support I will be able to develop the game to it's fullest potential and achieve the Hack n slash thrill i intend on gaining. If you are interested in the project and seeing it more forward, I currently have a patreon started which offers different perks to those who wish to donate. Some of these perks may include: Music Art boss/enemy/npc creation more art. I hope to receive some more feed back in the short future.


The promotional video is finally done! I finished right on time today and it is uploaded and ready to watch! You can check it out on the Ignarus home page here. I plan on getting as much headway on the game as possible now and hope to receive some critical analysis from testers and players. I also recently got a couple of great map creators to help with the project! This will make my project come along a lot smoother so I can develop the actual player progress instead of spending time on and time off creating maps, and player progress. Although...While I was working on the promotional video, I managed to get a cool skill functioning...and that is... Jump-stab ability - - you can now do a cool looking jump attack when you learn it later in the game, some of the skills I add to the game are going to be quite difficult to find at first, but will be well worth it as most likely the up coming boss battle will be slightly vulnerable to your new skill. I hope to receive some feedback and more play-throughs on the demo, I plan on making a few changes to it... but nothing too major. -Kudaaj


I've been making some pretty good headway on what is to be the ACTUAL promotional video for the game and I am hoping to have it complete perhaps one to two weeks from now. This being said, I will have some footage of what the game is going to sort of direct itself in to for the future.. At first glance playing the demo, I truly don't believe it is quite enough of an experience as to what I have in mind story-line and material wise, although it is a good taste of the game-play however. I hope to receive some more downloads and trials to test for bugs and even just leave a comment of how you feel about the game play, and how it can be improved. Kudaaj-

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