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Hi guys! We'll set up I:ROBOT's booth on Comic Market C94 on this summer! We hope to meet you at there in 10th of August!


【募集】I:ROBOT【メンバー】 外国語翻訳メンバーを募集したいと思います。外注さんのような立場ではなく、他制作スタッフ同様に一緒によりよいゲームにしようと思って下さる方、お力を貸して下さい。詳細はURLにて。ご不明な点等ございましたら遠慮なくお問い合わせ下さい。 http://az-works.wixsite.com/i-robot/company


Hello, we're Japanese indie game team, AZ WORKS, now at work for "I:ROBOT". This game is point and click ADV game made by Unity2D. We call it "walkable anime". And we released Japanese language version demo in 22nd of December last year. Now we wanna release it in other language. We don't care what about kind of language.

If is there anyone who can help us, please give us your hand.

We also wanna release its full version in the other language in future, so we hope to work with you until finish to create game as a member of AZ WORKS. If you are interested in us, or our game, please contact us! (info@az-works.org)

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