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Kirito (Nivel 10) 2019-10-28

we want an english version.... soooooooooooooon!!

No Signal (Nivel 5) 2019-01-19

i am still waiting the english version :) it looks like a profesiona visual novel in a futuristic cyberpunk world. is it right?

Kikkis (Nivel 1) 2018-12-16

非常に個性的で印象に残る逸品です。 趣味が合う人であればかなり引き込まれる作品かと思います。

RockMith (Nivel 8) 2018-12-15

are you still working on the english version?

Luis (Nivel 17) 2018-09-13

When the English version?

carlsen (Nivel 4) 2018-09-13

ゲーム制作お疲れ様です。 ゲーム内容等楽しくエンディングまでむかえられました。

kalindor (Nivel 10) 2018-06-17


mazzutakgame Profile (Nivel 13) 2018-04-30

Amazing, i love your graphics style, i can't wait for English translation, i've made a game with anime character too https://www.indiexpo.net/it/games/shebefree , very good job, I begin to follow your project.

doom13 Profile (Nivel 6) 2018-04-08

Looks really promising, cant wait for the english translation :'(

Fellowplayer Profile (Nivel 22) 2018-03-15

Looks nice, is there an English version or can I play it without need to know the language?

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