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SwordMan (1038 Gemas) 2016-11-27

Nice start !! Continue it !!

Crazy Player GM (826 Gemas) 2016-11-21

it's good !! Nice work !

xX-Grove-Xx (502 Gemas) 2016-11-21

oh, nice ! is it for PC ?

BloodMichael93 (943 Gemas) 2016-11-19

nice game ! Is there a webgl version ?

il_capitano (268 Gemas) 2016-11-16

This demo features level 1-1. In this tutorial level the players can familiarize with the very basics of the gameplay.

Setup instructions:

1) Export the hank_setup.exe from the 7zip file.

2) Run the exe and go through the installation.

3) When you run the game the Unity configuration panel will open. Change the graphics quality to fantastic.

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