Fleshforward Fleshforward Ally
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Gaarco (Nivel 6) 2019-11-04
I really love the atmosphere this game invokes, it's promising.
In my opinion you should add a strong story behind, which the player will discover by looking around (for example on newspapers etc), take care also of the sounds in the game, like a good suspense music in background, more diversity between the sounds of the zombies, sound of steps...
Work on it because it's good!
Thund (Nivel 11) 2018-10-05
E' bello vedere un progetto italiano essere acclamato anche a livello internazionale! Ecco un breve scorcio di cosa vi attende in fleshforward!

YouTube Gameplay
MikeWade (Nivel 4) 2018-04-08
Hey ciao @Ally! Guarda la prima puntata del mio show! Si è parlato del tuo gioco!
Luis (Nivel 17) 2018-01-21
the lights, the dialogues and the scenes are very very nice. At first it looks like a platform game, but when you see that can shoot just few bullets, you undestand that it's a stealth game. A still not see the "survival elements", but this is very interesting. I follow and I hope to play soon a new demo.
Naldo (Nivel 8) 2017-12-19
Interesting mechanics with weapons, you can add some new features with that.
Magnus C (Nivel 10) 2017-10-11
great stealt game. It has a nice plot and the dialogues are perfect! also the animations are great! I will follow you!
TheBigShow (Nivel 12) 2017-08-08
finally a good horror action game in pixel art! great work!
franco999 (Nivel 14) 2017-06-10
È uscita anche la nuova demo! Oggi la scarico e poi ti scrivo un feedback più dettagliato! Già sento che mi piacerà! Noto che i download continuano a salire, però, secondo me, dovrebbero essere ancora di più! Spammalo un po'XD
MagicOz (Nivel 10) 2017-06-02
I'm downloading this new demo!
shawyadventures (Nivel 6) 2017-06-02
Can you upload a linux version too?
Amir (Nivel 13) 2017-05-21
Very cool the new arts!
MagicOz (Nivel 10) 2017-05-10
4/5 It's too short and I can shoot only one zombie. Why? So it has a very cool graphics and animations.
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