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Filippo (Nivel 8) 2020-10-27
funny game, i have a small problem with fps
Gaarco (Nivel 6) 2020-01-11
With a bit of polishing this game could be great for mobile
Han (Nivel 10) 2019-12-21
Learn to be Spiderman
leone25 Verificada (Nivel 10) 2019-12-20
Soo cool game, very good concept and execution, tho you need to add a bit of support for touch drivers!
Also would love to see the eyes of the spider follow the mouse pointer . . .
Overall very good and fun! keep it up!
gamefive Verificada (Nivel 16) 2019-12-19
The concept of this game is great. It is a game that requires skill and luck. I like this game.
lucyinthespace (Nivel 15) 2019-12-16
I like the idea and the design. But you have to improve the HUD (the score is too big and too simple) and replace the background music. I suggest something like a midi music. Like the old Gameboy games music
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