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Pc white Linux white Osx white Descargar


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vinstriano Profile (1889 Gemas) 2019-06-22

Cool idea, best pixelart

Boruto (605 Gemas) 2019-02-09

is she like alita?

Naldo (927 Gemas) 2017-12-19

Dude cool idea! I love it! Of course it’s not quite finished, there are quite a few bugs, but I see where you’re going with this! would love to see it finished.

Alkatraz (942 Gemas) 2016-10-10

good ! Work hard ! :)

geod_3 (1556 Gemas) 2016-10-08

good updates !

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-14

Nice and long game ( for me more than 6 hours). The plot is nice and the mapping is good. You should improve the battle system... Because at the long time can be too repetitive.

BigHero (1621 Gemas) 2016-07-24

nice work ! :D

Jack (858 Gemas) 2016-07-19

good ! how is it long ?

Malian (1106 Gemas) 2016-07-16

nice art ! :D very cool the new screenshots !

ForeverGamer (336 Gemas) 2016-06-07

A good start :) even if.... " a sensual ogry."...

Staff (3294 Gemas) 2016-06-06

Improve the description ;)

Player56 (718 Gemas) 2016-06-06

nice trailer ! I'm downloading it !

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