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Sottorive (Nivel 6) 2021-04-02
The Dragonia's Newspaper is an amazing idea! You should add also news about the best players of the game!
Kira (Nivel 9) 2021-02-09
I played it a lot of time ago. I am back to play it again and to see the latest updates!
Studio90 Verificada (Nivel 8) 2021-02-01
wow this game has a lot of content! How long have you been working on it?
Deneris (Nivel 16) 2021-01-25
Where is the alchemist area? How to find it?
JEntertaiment (Nivel 10) 2020-10-11
Incredible, I'm waiting for this game for the mobiles :3
Coopa (Nivel 10) 2020-08-20
I started to play it few weeks ago! You have a new fan & subscriber!
kalindor (Nivel 13) 2020-06-04
are the artworks made by the same artist? I noted a lot of different styles. Just my impression? So, the game is incredibly good. How many players online every day?
TheBeast (Nivel 10) 2020-03-16
Add new fantasy pet to use also during the battles, please!
Sdino (Nivel 9) 2020-02-24
I love the new Newspaper features!
Deneris (Nivel 16) 2020-01-26
La cosa che adoro di questo gioco e che continua sempre a migliorarsi ogni settimana con nuovi aggiornamenti. Spero che presto venga rilasciata anche la versione del gioco in italiano
Brim (Nivel 11) 2020-01-01
I'm very curious to see the new features that will be released this new year! This game is continuously updated and improved!no love it!
JawsOP (Nivel 10) 2019-11-09
Congratulations for your anniversary!
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