Clash of Wizards [Demo] Clash of Wizards [Demo]
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Greg3232 (600 Gemas) 2016-10-04

curoius to see the new features !

LordDestro (825 Gemas) 2016-09-30

Nice work ! Even if I won only in the first level :P

IronMusk2 (747 Gemas) 2016-09-29

interesting game ! I follow ! But add also more features ! :D

Step (1481 Gemas) 2016-09-24

add more levels please...

Cimpo (594 Gemas) 2016-09-18

No news about it ? i saw the interview :D Cool !

CUtet92 (755 Gemas) 2016-09-17

I wait to see the new version. It's a good start !

Castor (640 Gemas) 2016-09-15

only one level ? D:

Cantex76 (697 Gemas) 2016-09-08

Nice game ! Can be a nice idea add several guild. More fantasy :D like orcs, elves and dwarfs !

Feih (813 Gemas) 2016-09-01

I just saw the interview on facebook ! :D you're a boss !! Great game !

Carir (1867 Gemas) 2016-08-27

Nice game ! I like the effects and the gameplay. Even if it's not so easy to play... i repeated the first battle several times... and it you have bored gamers... they will close it fastly. I'm curious to see the next news about it and if you will add several modes to play it :D 4/5 and follow !

Fellowplayer Profile (23146 Gemas) 2016-08-23

I completed a gameplay of this demo, there are some things to be sorted out of course but I would love to record the full version when it is done. Good job.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-13

Very nice work ! I saw a video on youtube !

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