Before the Dark Crystal

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Fan-game based on the movie "Dark Crystal". Take control of a young Gelfling captured by the Skeksis, and survive in the Crystal castle until you find a way out. The security slider show you when you please the Skeksis or not : be careful not to upset them, or this will be a game over !Right click to look at something, left click to walk and interact with something or someone.
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Before the Dark Crystal
Before the Dark Crystal
Before the Dark Crystal
Before the Dark Crystal
Before the Dark Crystal
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Myrkvidr (Nivel 13) 2019-09-22
very well done.
Reofloor (Nivel 10) 2019-05-31
Did you see this? :)
YouTube Gameplay
KnightRider (Nivel 7) 2019-03-02
your best game
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