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DANILO MUMMOLO (Nivel 10) 2019-07-26
very nice graphically even if the gamplay is so difficult
vinstriano (Nivel 10) 2019-06-22
I like, cool game
Mosul (Nivel 8) 2018-06-24
What is the game goal?
Shavi (Nivel 6) 2017-10-28
3d equivalent of flappy bird, managed to get through two hoops and felt so accomplished
Zion (Nivel 12) 2017-09-04
so free to fly!
Best IndieGames (Nivel 17) 2017-09-02
This game is in the video about the Top 5 Indie Games of August 2017

YouTube Gameplay
Freank Verificada (Nivel 17) 2017-08-02
In the title screen the indiepad doesn't work. You have to use the mouse. Can you fix it?
franco999 (Nivel 14) 2017-08-02
i believeeeee i can fly
Fry2 (Nivel 12) 2017-08-02
but what's the goal? I'm flying everywhere... but I don't find where to go
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