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June 24, 2018
- Changed hero scrolls to cards
- Added cards as drops from their monster types
- Added potions, only usable from the overworld
- Added food, only usable from the overworld
- Added stat tonics, which provide temporary boosts to their specific stat
- Fixed various issues with hero units
- Fixed various issues with item UI
- Removed the Legend Keeper NPC
- Added all above mentioned items to monster drop tables

June 7, 2018
[1:04 PM] Crazah: * Fixed an issue where you could not target enemies with Heal skills.
- Fixed an issue where players would spawn in with lower health
- Fixed an issue where moving would make you unable to talk to Quest NPCs for short while
- Fixed an issue where when users in party logged out, the battle would stop functioning
- Fixed an issue where sending party invites at the same time would bug parties
- Fixed an issue where quests were not ticking for everyone in the party
- Fixed an issue where the battle UI was sometimes hiding itself incorrectly.
June 9, 2018
[8:48 PM] Crazah: * Added phase 1 of equippable items showing in overworld.
- New display pictures for females (drawn by Lily)
- New hairstyle for females (sprite by Lily)
- Included new display pictures for hooded robes
- Addded Raybons
- Added Ratzinger
- Added Ratzigner's Cape
- Added Ratzinger's Boots
- Fixed a bug where monsters using Hex could Hex themselves.
- Added Majestic Bone Scepter as a drop from the Schelelord.
- Added Bone Scepter
- Added Bone Scepter as a drop from the Schelelord
- Tako the Rat boss is now Ratzinger.
- Made changes to the Graveyard and the Schelelord area.
- Fixed a bug where monsters, even when in their attack range, would move closer.
- Increased Hex's range.
- Increased arrow strike range, AI ability.
- Increased the level of AI abilities across the board. Originally they had Lv 1 abilities.
- AI will now run away if the distance between target and self is beyond their minimum threshold.
- Monsters will now run away if their health is below 40%
- Improved tactics calculator backend. It now allows 'best node' returns properly and flags to deal with interior, exterior return lists.
- Modified Berserker missing HP passive damage buff
- Nerfed back damage to 110% from 125%
- Nerfed side damage to 105% from 115%
- Removed Final Blow flat back damage buff.
- Nerfed Final Blow's back crit chance modifier.
- Nerfed Pyromancer's Burn Baby Burn passive damage buff to 110% if target is on fire.
- Fixed a bug where new characters would log in frozen.
June 10, 2018
[1:10 PM] Crazah: * Buffed Rattzinger's initial HP.
- Buffed Great Ursa's initial HP.
- Fixed an issue where battles could freeze if fleeing enemies had no valid tiles to run to
- Fixed a bug where pixie wings would underlay hair
- Fixed an issue where Acqua Santa would behave incorrectly.
- Reduced CD of Undead Ritual at max level to 3.
- Fixed an issue where battle menus were not displaying skills correctly.
- Added chat messages when party invites are sent.
- Nerfed Scented Breeze to + 1 MP.
- Adjusted Scented Breeze scaling
- Fixed a bug where Fairy Box would underlay nearby objects.
- Fixed a bug where Pixie buffs were not displaying range in battle menu
- Fixed a bug where Quest NPCs would give you their quest multiple times
- Fixed a bug where Quest NPCs could leave the player stuck
- Fixed an issue where you could cancel out of initial spawn selection
- UI will no longer overlay the shopkeeper screen
- Fixed several issues with status damage, including one major one that could cause issues with turn control
- HP, AP and MP bars are now semi-transparent
- Added guild saves when members are recruited or removed, when guilds level up, or a role is changed. This should prevent save issues.
- Fixed bounding boxes on some problem monsters.
- An issue where clicking the 1-4 hotkeys bugged users if they were choosing a tile has been fixed.
- Fixed an issue where Assassination was usable from other directions. It will now always miss from these directions.
- Added more weapons overlays
- Implemented new layering system for equipment.
[2:29 PM] Crazah: * Removed guild names beneath names. Too cluttered on screen.
- Conversion of current movement solution to global loop
- Increased client FPS
[3:56 PM] Crazah: * Moved enemy movement and enemy location logic to global loop
- Shifted new female display picture
- Shifted new female hair display picture
- Redid a large chunk of Hawthorne Woods.
- Fixed a bug with quests not working correctly.
[8:11 PM] Crazah: * Lowered monster difficulty. Still tweaking!
- Fixed a bug where enhanced weapons weren't showing their lv. in descriptions.
- Updated old code alerts regarding parties to incorporate chat box.
- Fixed a bug where inventory space remaining was calculated incorrectly.
- Complete rehaul of stat calculations: physical attack, physical defense, magical attack, magical defense
- Modifications to the damage calculator
- All monsters in game were adjusted and given stats to give them a set baseline
[8:44 PM] Crazah: * Fixed an issue where Yorick's bounds were enormous.
June 11, 2018
[9:00 PM] Crazah: * Huge improvements to pathing!
June 12, 2018
[5:22 PM] Crazah: * More optimizations in looping method calls
- Monsters no longer spawn directly on top of the battle point
- Fixed a bug so that monsters no longer run away from their allies.
- Fixed a bug with the new monster enemy location logic, where players could be added to the movement queue
- New health, AP and MP bars!
[8:19 PM] Crazah: * Added AFK indicator
- Buffed Wooden Staff S. DMG.
- Improved monster movement loop logic.
June 19, 2018
[5:31 PM] Crazah: * Added scroll bars to Quests, Guild and Shopkeeper screens
- Added /stuck chat command.
- Fixed an issue where you could speak to quest NPCs multiple times
- Fixed an issue where you could walk away during dialogue
July 6, 2018
[4:17 PM] Crazah: * Item UI revamped
- Star Potential added to items
- Item levels added
- Base framework for runes laid out
- Item World added
- Gatekeeper added to Nexus
- Bonus IPs added to items
- Resolved an issue with monster spawning in unreachable areas
- Modified monster spawns to position themselves less in groups and further away from the player(edited)
July 7, 2018
[10:47 AM] Crazah: * Added emblems to chat for Patreons and Administrators.

Alpha testing is still underway and Zenith's Call is available 24/7. We spend a lot of time looking at bug reports and suggestions and Discord and would love for feedback from any of our wonderful alpha testers! Thank you so much for helping us test Zenith's Call.

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