WTC OVN : The Beach

60 Players - 3 Subscribers


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Published on: 2019/05/14



Sometime during your holiday in England, yourself and your friends receive an invite to "The Beach". Thinking the invite is for a private beach party, they are sorely disappointed when they end up at a haunted bungalow and tasked with finding three parts of a sword.
Language: English  
News: 2
This is now the full version of the visual novel. In addition, it has recently been updated so that the scene jumping system uses the last gender and name
WTC OVN : The Beach
WTC OVN : The Beach
WTC OVN : The Beach
WTC OVN : The Beach
Comments (2)
Formatting Help 380
ronnye (Level 13) 2019-05-16
is it a #visualnovel ?
Agent44 (Level 13) 2019-05-14
Is it a visual novel, right?
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