WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall Triority
Players: 75
Subscribers: 12

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This is now the official demo. The full version has a different choice system and game controls. Hopefully CG's too. Estimated release date will be between the very end of 2021 and mid 2022

Due to a silly bug, the game couldn't really be started. This update should fix that problem

The game been updated with more graphics, sound effects and music, although a lot is still missing. The story is now complete as well. This will probably be the last update until the official demo has been completed.

This has been updated with a lot more secret scenes (and well as new chapters and some new music as well). A lot of graphics are still missing, of course

Updated now with the basics of the main story (and is thus now properly completable). Graphics, music and sounds effects are still missing, of course, as are most of the secret scenes. There won't be any more updates until a proper demo is made.

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