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WTC 2 : The Spy

27 Players - 1 Subscribers
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Published on: 2019/05/23



The sequel to WTC Redux/1. Having trouble adjusting to your new location, your rival takes drastic action to bring you back to your sense, whilst an over-eager tourist guide wants nothing more than to show you the local sights. It's a full demo of the game, but options are limited. Also includes a little bit of the original Visual Novel Maker version too. #wtc #chichester
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Fact #2 : This was written after the preview, but before Redux/1 (it's also set earlier). If/when I do a new series, I'll do it in the correct order this time #fact #chichester
WTC 2 : The Spy
WTC 2 : The Spy
WTC 2 : The Spy
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Let me know if you want any more trivia about the games !

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WTC 2 : The Spy
WTC 2 : The Spy
WTC 2 : The Spy
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