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By @adventurjourney (twitter) Full Screen alt+enter Made for #GBJAM5 Keyboard WASD or ZQSD + 4 + 5 4 = jump 5=talk up/down = open door OR ARROW KEYS + X + C X= jump C= talk up/down = open door GamePad Pad + A + B A = jump B= talk up/down = open door Hi there ! ^^ Here's a before and after the jam version : ==> I'm trying to improve the graphics and colors as much as I can ! If you want to support my work you can donate by downloading the jam game on itchio and/or subscribe to my twitter @adventurjourney ! More news soon !
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Freank Profile (2260 Gems)

I played this game when you uploaded it. I loved it. Now, finally, I'm making my own platform! I'm using a very simple design like yours! And it will be playable online! I will release it (a first demo), the next week. I hope to receive your feedback!

franco999 (2590 Gems)

Great news!

TheBigShow (1013 Gems)

very very nice! you can make a lot of spinoff with the several npg in the game! like the king XD

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