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92 Players - 10 Subscribers
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Witchcrafter: Empire Legends is a gripping platformer RPG with a strong emphasis on dark fantasy adventure, fulfilled with vivid characters with own motives and experiences, set in a world full of witchcrafting, with a unique, interactive system of elemental magic. #rpg #platformer #metroidvania #pixelart #indiegame #adventure #action #darkfantasy
Language: English  
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Zachurrate (Level 1) 2020-06-29

I enjoyed this alot. Looks and sounds great. Desire more. Much more! Lets make this a full release someday!
TyrionL (Level 13) 2020-06-24
very very nice. Incredible pixel art and animations!
Myrkvidr (Level 12) 2020-06-12
I liked where it was going for the little bit i was able to play, but ran into some problems. the E button wasn't working for a few things and I had to stop playing. the controls are very difficult to handle too. being able to use a joystick would be a big plus
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